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RM dryer vent cleaning is a family-owned; Montgomery CO, an MD based company, providing dryer vent cleaning services all over Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We offer residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning services. Often the most overlooked household and commercial services are the cleaning of your dryer vent system. When air vents aren’t maintained and kept clean build-up of dust particles, pollen, mold, and other debris contaminate your vents and are released through the air you breathe. When dryer vents aren’t cleaned and maintained, lint buildup and pose a fire hazard. That’s why having the professionals of air duct cleaning come to service your air ducts, dryer vents consistently are so important. Keeping your home or office safe from harmful air pollutants and vent fires is our job and we do it well! Call our company for a free quote today and breathe much easier!

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Thank you for visiting


Thank you for visiting

 Rm specializes in cleaning, repairing and installing dryer vents. We do more than clean vents, We help to prevent problems in your home, including environmental hazards like mold, dust, And fires.

Rm technicians can solve problems to maximize airflow required for a dryer to operate safely and efficiently.  technicians carry all the tools and materials needed to complete any repair and new installation according to current safety standards.

we check from inside the dryer all the way to the outside and if we cannot fix it, you don't pay a nickel!!